Hello, I'm Martine, I'm a Guernsey girl, writer, teacher and maker of stuff.

Martine Makes is where I share my creative exploits and adventures in upcycling. 

Before I explain all that though, let me tell you how I got into all this creative, crafty stuff:

My First Make

My creative tendencies and obsession with making stuff started at an early age.

The first thing I ever made, according to my mum, was a pouty face. Then a lot of noise.  

Thankfully, I moved on to more creative pursuits like knitting. My first (and to date, most impressive) knitted item was a yellow and brown acrylic scarf embellished with plastic pearls. Even then, I was fashion-forward. 

The Teenage Years

As a teen, I was too cool for craft (#obvs) although I maintained a regular art practice.

In my twenties and early thirties, an obsession took hold. I knitted, crocheted, made jewellery, cooked, sewed, made art... I made a lot of mess and had a lot of fun.

One of my proudest creations was a craft blog and podcast called iMake. 

iMake and Let's Knit

During The iMake Years, I started writing a monthly column for Let's Knit Magazine - I did this for several years and it was lots of fun.

The iMake blog and podcast reached a natural end in 2015, but, of course, I never stopped making stuff. I simply stopped sharing my creative exploits online.

Rescuing Sweaters 

Let's fast forward a few years.

In 2017, I started rescuing pre-loved sweaters made from luxury yarns like cashmere and alpaca (anything to expand my stash on the cheap!) 

After a lot of trial and error, I mastered the art of sweater deconstruction. There was lots of interest in my beautiful recycled skeins on social media, so I opened an online shop to share my yarn with the knitty community.

That's when my yarn brand, Martine Makes, came into being. 

Martine Makes

Martine Makes is not just a yarn brand. In 2018 I developed an interest in finding vintage, public domain images and combining them with contemporary patterns, textures and hand drawn elements to create something new. 

The result of this is my own line of stationery and fabric products... coming soon!

You can follow my Martine Makes journey on Instagram

If you'd like to email me, my address is hello@martinemakes.com.

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